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Fruit Yogurt Cranberries Bread

disclaimer: I wasn’t going to bake a bread before this.

exactly, my finger scrolled down the note for cream choux. that lovely yellow puffs with custard cream is fascinating.

but nah, things never turn out the way we expect it to. if there’s one curse I bump into my baking journey, is to never tell anyone I was about to roll out something.

because it always go to a flop. that cream choux is a typical example. I texted my mom as I was measuring the ingredients. I replied the chat with a friend when I poured out the butter and milk.

in short, the batter collapse. the cream puffs didn’t rise. everything got down. the only thing that went up is the air fryer’s pan flow. it blew my puffs off like the happiness of this cake.

Happiness vs my life meme -

and since I happened to brag tf outta here about something just baked. this bread came along as my midnight savior.

fellas, meet my Fruit Yogurt Cranberries Bread 🍞

basically here’s what you need

  • 2/3 box of TH True Milk fruit yogurt. mine was passion fruit
  • 2.5gr instant yeast in 40ml milk
  • 230gr plain flour, plus extra for dusting. trust me. it gets sticky
  • 10gr sugar
  • 1 egg at room temperature
  • 25gr butter, melted
  • a handful of dried cranberries
  • zero distraction. I repeat

roll up your sleeves

  • activate the yeast with milk for 10′ until the bubble comes up
  • sift the flour with the sugar
  • beat the egg and the yogurt
  • basically mix everything up. this part is easy, especially when you’ve been mastered at screwing up your life
  • when things are about to messy, add the butter. knead until things come together. this takes about 15 mins, which is the longest I can take
  • cover with cling film and let if proof happily until double in size
  • don’t let it stay happy for too long. take it out and knead again. see how life beat you up and down these days? do the.exact.same.thing
  • roll into shape. I’d prefer a big rectangle loaf, but you can go with anything. the more you fold the blob, the better elastic you get when it’s done
  • put it in the loaf tin & cover with aluminium foil (or anything that stops the bread from being burnt)
  • bake at 160’C for 15mins. uncover the foil and brush some milk/butter on top
  • decrease the heat to 140’C, bake for 5mins more

more photos coming later on todei



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