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Have you ever consider rolling out with a recipe book? Or just simply want to have your family tradition recipe logged & polished to pass through generation?

• in that case, here are some amazing things we can do together •

Food Story: There is always something behind the dish – even coming up with a recipe during your shower. As a word collecting-and-arranging enthusiast, I know how gratified it is to have our inspiration listened, polished and shown to the world.

Recipe Development: It takes passion and consistency – more than a food nutritionist – to create a diet program that bring happiness (and favorable, hello?) along the way. Give me your requirement and all you have to do is enjoy the exciting ride. 

Food Photography:  I do shots! Nope, not that kind of shots that give you hangover. But I’ll try my best to bring you the same feeling with food shooting. My usual go-to vibe is minimal, dark theme and rustic. An email for a brief on your dish will make things easier, I believe.


Sounds like a project?

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