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Bánh táo (Apple Pie)

Giữa cái se lạnh mùa tựu trường, dùng kèm tách trà mật ong - bánh táo (Apple pie) là một lựa chọn mà ai cũng ít nhất một lần nên thử.

Homemade Multigrain Bread

I have never got my hands on making a real bread, to be honest. I am more of cheesecakes and other sweets that come in tea time or self-indulgence. But soon I realize, the aroma of freshly baked bread is irresistible.

Banana Choco Souffle

Coming up with a new baking idea under the sounds of raindrops may sounds romantic at first, but the truth is, the hunger during rain is pretty devastating and can only be solved by a freshly hot baked batch of muffins, or cookies.

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