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Banana Choco Souffle

I have a thing for sweet tooth dessert, that part is off negotiation.

My house always has a place for bananas. It’s not because my mom is a big fan of this fruit, or my grandpa keeps propagating its nutrition facts and how it can (​mysteriously​) prevent cancer. But it just keeps appearing on the counter every time we get back from work. My brother-in-law once swears he witnessed the bananas double in size that it stunned him for a while.

I often catch myself coming up with a new baking idea under the sounds of raindrops. It may sound romantic at first, but the truth is, the hunger during rain is pretty devastating and can only be solved by a freshly hot baked batch of muffins, or cookies. At that point, you will take anything that was left in the fridge.
Guys, meet my new banana and chocolate ​soufflé.​

You’re gonna need

2 ripe bananas. I still have no idea why this shit keep being there frozen in the fridge, no matter how many times I remember finished the last one.

1 egg, rainy temperature

1/4 cup of dark cocoa powder, sifted

Some nuts of your choice, make sure it does not add any sweetness to your batter. You’ll regret. Been there. Done that

Cocoa nibs, or dark chocochips

1/4 cup of milk for photoshoot only. you won’t need it anyway, the blended bananas have nailed the job enough already.

Some slice of fresh bananas. use the middle part. it performs its best to be topped on the soufflé.

-> but make sure your mom is willing to eat the rest. otherwise I won’t be responsible for any damage/ incident/ accident this may cause. moms are unpredictable.

Preheat the oven at 220*C. Blend the bananas for 3 or 4 times, using the ‘pulse’ button. Separate the egg white from the yolk. Whip it up for 1 to 2 minutes until it reaches stiff peaks form when you lift up the whisk. Fold the egg yolks into the batter first, then gradually the egg white.

The cocoa powder might get uncooperative at this stage. But cocoa powder is basically chocolate, and chocolate has all right to get bossy sometimes. Gently fold it into the batter and add in the chocochips at last.

Divide the batter into the lined tins. Some recipes call for cinnamon powder to boost up the flavour, which I refuse to follow. Nothing boosts a cake better than chocolate.

Bake the batch at 220*C for 20 minutes, This recipe is enough for 4 small 3inches ramekins. I wouldn’t recommend a bigger portion unless you want to see yourself abolishing it for the next 2 months. Before you embark on your batch, I think these tips below might help

Do not blend the banana for too long. we are looking for a creamy texture, not a runny one
● Dutch cocoa powder is what they recommend you, but I’ll go for anything that doesn’t contain sugar and ​NOT​ an instant powder. so take it easy
● Over-whipped the egg white is not a good idea. As soon as the egg white stands straight up, STOP
● I’m sure I have mentioned this, but our mother helps a lot in resolving the leftover ingredients. Take advantage of that.
● Last but not least, do not ​EVER​ have your cake photo shot after 6pm. should an idea jumps on your mind at 4pm, save it for tomorrow morning. you’ll thank me for that.

Sharing is caring, give it to your friend, your neighbour, or your evil uncle who lives 5 mins away and always long for your bake.

Have fun, get fat together.



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