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Avocado Matcha Ice-cream

Ice-cream is one of the best sweet tooth inventions to all kind of living creature. From adults to kiddos, or puppies to kittens.

That brain-freeze creamy product hits us with joys, whether it’s a Coconut Peanut Banana popsicle, a heaped spoon of Bittersweet Chocolate flavour or a scent of Vanilla on Cinnamon cones, or sometimes, sandwiched between two slices of soft bread. Vietnamese kids – let me see your hands!

Long story short. You can never go wrong with a scoop of ice cream. Or in my case, a mixing bowl of Matcha and Avocado.

I’ve always been a fan of that greenie powder. Beside long black coffee, matcha latte with soy-milk is another savior for those sleepy Mondays.

Avocado, needless to say, the only thing that stands between us is those insanely expensive market prices. But if you ask me what do we have in common. My mood swing and it’s browning both changes unpredictably.

which is why this recipe might helps

  • 3 riped avocados
  • 140ml coconut milk
  • 40ml whipping cream
  • 30gr honey
  • 20gr sugar (optional)
  • 10ml lime juice
  • 30gr matcha powder

Select your favourite bowl from the kitchen. Make sure it survives well under the cold. Got it? Good. Put it in the freezer for 24hours.

Peel off the avocados. Combine the avocados, coconut milk, whipping cream, lime juice, honey and matcha powder. Well-stir the matcha before blend everything in the food processor.

We’re looking for a creamy texture that a lil bit runnier than yogurt, and forms a V shape when you pour it out.

Matcha powder helps balance the sweetness of honey, while the lime juice prevents our beloved avocados from browning. Problem solved! Easily and tasty all at once.

Imagine nibbling every scoop while watching the sun sets down. I don’t know about you, but I can really use one.



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